Bloodstock Open Air 2017

Welcome to the daily Bloodstock Open Air 2017 Festival blog!

Battle Beast

Battle Beast are a female fronted heavy metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They are made up of Noora Louhimo on Vocals, Pyry Vikki on Drums, Joona Björkroth on Guitar, Juuso Soinio on Guitar, Eero Sipilä on Bass and Janne Björkroth on Keyboards. Formed in 2008, they released their debut album 'Steel' on Nuclear Blast in 2012. After the arrival of frontwoman Noora Louhimo and the release of their second album 'Battle Beast' they really found their feet. Following that with 'Unholy Saviour' and their latest effort 'Bringer Of Pain' the band have taken the metal world by storm. With a formula of '100% heavy metal - 0% bullshit' you know the band mean business. The band are the Thursday night headliners on the Sophie Lancaster stage.


Winterfylleth are one of the leading lights in the UK black metal scene. Hailing from Manchester the band are made up of Christopher Naughton on Vocals and Guitar, Dan Capp on Lead Guitar, Nick Wallwork on Bass and Simon Lucas on Drums. The band have a black metal style and sound that nods at the classic whilst being rooted firmly in the modern. Formed in 2007, the band take their inspiration from the history, heritage and and landscapes of England. The band are currently on their fifth album 'The Dark Hereafter' which was released on Candlelight Records on September the 30th 2016. Check out the band early on the Saturday on the Ronnie James Dio stage.

Wind Rose

Wind Rose are a power metal band from Pisa, Italy. The band have a power metal style that has a strong folk element to it that they have branded 'Dwarven Metal'. It's a perfect way to describe their style and lyrical content. Formed in 2009 the band feature Francesco Cavalieri on Vocals, Claudio Falconcini on Guitars, Federico Meranda on Keyboards, Cristiano Bertocchinon Bass and Daniele Visconti on Drums. They have recently released their third album 'Stonehymn' on Inner Wound Records to great reviews. Check out the band on the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Thursday night just before the headliners.


Obituary will need no introduction amongst death metal fans. One of the pioneers of the Florida Death Metal Scene, the band have been throwing out heavy hitters since 1989. Originally going by the name 'Xecutioner', the band changed their name and released their debut 'Slowly We Rot'. With a sludgy death metal style now synonymous with the band, it was the vocals that really stood out. John Tardy's gutteral, gargling style is still as unique as it was when they first started. The current lineup of the band features John Tardy on Vocals with his brother Donald Tardy on Drums, Trevor Peres on Guitar, Kenny Andrews on Guitar and Terry Butler on Bass. The bands tenth studio release, the self titled 'Obituary' was released in March of this year. Check them out midway through the Sunday on the Ronnie James Dio stage.


Dendera are a new breed of classic metal band fusing the old classic style with a modern sound and approach. The five piece from Portsmouth are Ashley Edison on Vocals, Stephen Main on Lead Guitar, David Stanton on Lead Guitar, Bradley Edison on Bass and Andy Finch on Drums. The bands vocalist Ashley Edison has also joined power metallers Power Quest as their new singer. The band have two albums out now - 2013's 'The Killing Floor' and 2015's 'Pillars Of Creation'. Their current release, part one of a two part EP titled 'Blood Red Sky' is out now.

Florence Black

Florence Black are a three piece rock band from the Valleys of South Wales. Made up of Tristan on Vocals and Guitar, Fozzi on Bass and Perry on the Drums, they have built up a massive local following by playing good old fashioned rock n'roll and always giving it 100% on stage. Currently touring the band are fresh off a headline slot at Swansea's 'Seven Sins Festival' and are booked for Steelhouse Festival 2017 amongst others! The self titled EP 'Florence Black' is out now!


Originally from Columbia before relocating to the US, black metal juggernaut Inquisition make their first trip to Bloodstock Open Air. Featuring just two members - Dagon on vocals and guitars and Incubus on drums, the band do not suffer from the lack of even a bass guitar. I can attest to this having seen them live. Sounding like a the classic black metal bands of old, particularly Immortal, the band have the typical Satanic themes but also cosmic and metaphysical themes mixed in to create something different. Their seventh and latest album, last years 'Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith' is out now on Season Of Mist. Check them out as Friday night headliners on the Sophie Lancaster stage 🤘


Making their return to BOA are Scarab, a death metal band from Egypt. Taking their influence from ancient Egypt, the band can be compared to US death metal band Nile in that respect. An exotic Egyptian vibe over a brutal death metal pummelling, the band are a breath of fresh air. One EP and two albums in (their latest being 2015's 'Serpents Of The Nile') the band have found their feet and are taking no prisoners. Catch Scarab on the Sophie Lancaster Stage high on the bill on the Saturday.


First up are Canadian thrash metal heavyweights Annihilator! Formed in 1984 by band guitarist and all around mainman Jeff Waters, they are one of the best known thrash metal bands in the scene. Though plagued by many lineup changes and essentially a one man band, they are now on their fifteenth studio album and continue to tour worldwide. Their latest album is the live 'Triple Threat', a great place to get a feel of what to expect from the band at BOA. A nice mix of newer tracks from the likes of their last studio album, 2015's 'Suicide Society', right the way back to their classic debut 'Alice In Hell' and followup 'Never Neverland'. A true classic thrash band and making their BOA debut, Annihilator grace the main Ronnie James Dio stage midway through the Saturday.

The Bloodstock Open Air festival needs no introduction to UK metal fans. Situated in the fields of Catton Hall at Walton-on-Trent in Derbyshire, it is an annual get together that usually falls on the second week in August. The festival is set over a long weekend from Thursday night and all day Friday through Sunday. It has grow in both size year after year. What we at The RT Rock Show want to do is post a daily blog featuring a band that will be playing on one of the stages this year.  

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