Gig Guide - September 2017

Welcome to The RT Rock Show Gig Guide for September! As the summer (I use this term very loosely) comes to an end and Autumn creeps in its time to pack away those festival tents for another year. While I'm always sad to see the end of the outdoor festival season, it doesn't mean the end of great gigs and that's what we're going to have a look at here.  

September 11th - 17th

On September the 12th there will be a rock n roll banger in The Globe in Cardiff. The excellent Cats In Space will be heading up a show with support from Hand Of Dimes and Kaato. I caught Cats In Space when they supported Thunder in the Motorpoint arena recently and have to say that the band seemed to be perfect blasting out their arena rock on such a big stage. The Globe on the other hand is a great venue for a more intimate gig experience and I think the band will put on an awesome show. Having members who have played in The Sweet, Asia, Ian Gillan, Bad Company and more, they guys have certainly payed their dues. Taking elements from classic bands like Journey, Whitesnake, T.Rex etc the band have a 70's/80's classic rock sound with a AOR power popness to them. Currently touring in support of their 'purrrfect' new album 'Scarecrow' the band continue in their bid for world domination. Support comes from Hand Of Dimes who I recently caught at the Steelhouse Festival and Kaato. Hand Of Dimes are the soulful blues rock band formed from the ashes of KOOGA headed up by Skin frontman Neville MacDonald and KOOGA bandmate Neil Garland. They have a laid back feel to them and have a sound influenced by bands like Free and The Faces. Expect top notch songwriting delivered in style. Kaato are a rock n roll band from Australia and the US. Calling themselves 'a new breed of progressive rock n' roll' they site their influences as Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and Black Sabbath amongst others. Currently touring like mad, I'd definitely say they look like a band you want to get in early to catch.

On the weekend of the 15th - 17th sees the Dragonflli in Pontypool play host to an amazing looking festival run by the guys at BMF666. The gig is a two day affair running on the Friday and Saturday nights. It's is also a charity event in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is great and there's not a bad band on the bill! Starting off on the Friday at 8pm are SOIM. We've plugged Elliot and his brand of one man insane music before. He's a man in demand who's gigging all over the place these days and it shows in his set which is both really professional and completely bonkers at the same time. Entertaining and damn he writes some great tunes. Agrona follow at 8:45pm. The black metallers from Cardiff seem to be stepping up a gear lately and have a few live shows booked about the place. I'm keen to see them again as they blew me away the last time I saw them and I honestly think they should be bigger than they are at the moment. If you're a fan of black metal then you'll already love these guys I'm sure but if not I'd recommend checking them out as the live show will really win you over. Democratus next up at 9:30pm. Another band that are going places. Wales' finest purveyors of melodeth, the guys are all over the place at the moment and that's due to the high demand. I'd be a well off man if I had a few quid for every good thing I heard of read about frontman Steve Moomin Jenkins' karaoke at this years Bloodstock. I think he took people by surprise by just how good he is and that's a skill level that runs through the whole band. They tick all the boxes for anyone remotely interested in the melodic death metal style or any fans of the heavy and melodic in fact. They've had some big gigs so far and it shows live so it's a great one to look forward to. Headlining the Friday with a start time of 10:15pm will be Swanseas Helldown. If you're fans of our show then you'll know that we can't say enough good things about the band. Initially a dark thrash band in the vein of Slayer, they're really sounding great on their new stuff, maturing their style. Check out their new track 'The Watchers' online and you'll know what I mean. High end song writing with riffs galore, great thrash sensibilities and almost a slightly prog edge to some off the riffage. They've honed their live show now to a point where they are worthy headliners and have a great following. A great looking Friday night of metal! Saturday sees Beneath The Divine start the show at 6:30. Old school doom with a clean vocal style gives the band a nice refreshing edge. Incorporating elements of doom, stoner and good old heavy rock into the mix, they're a great addition to the lineup and an awesome way to start the Saturday. 7:25pm will see Atorc take the stage. The Suffolk based folk metal warriors are sure to get the fists pumping, heads banging and toes tapping. Having just released the highly recommended EP 'Seven Tales Of Swords And Ale' (great title and says it all) the band are sure to win over any doubters come show time. South England based End Of Salvation take the stage at 8:20pm. With a hardcore/death metal style in the vein of Thy Art Is Murder and Whitechapel the band are all about the heavy grooves. Currently touring like mad, the guys are in high demand and their live show is a reflection of that. It's an energetic one that'll have you neck aching quickly. 9:15pm will see Gutlocker start their show. The 'grumpy' four piece come armed with riffs dripping in a stoner and sludge sauce. The band are a great live act as past shows including a headline slot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock last year will tell you. With a new EP almost ready to go, the band will be looking to take no prisoners! Saturday headliners The Crimson Brigade will take to the stage at 10:15pm. The band from England describe themselves as 'Black Vampyric War Metal'! With a great theatrical spin to their black metal, they mix their sound with a doom and gothic undercurrent. Hell bent on world domination, the band tell the story of an army of blood lusting vampires that are behind every war in human history, using them as a cover for their feeding frenzy. A worthy headliner and a great end to the weekend, the bite of The Crimson Brigade! Fair play to the guys at BMF666, they've put together a great lineup. All great bands and varied at that. It's sure to be a success and The Dragonffli is a really great setting for it. 🤘 September 1st - 10th First up lets have a look at an excellent weekend of local music right at the start of the month. September the 2nd sees three great gigs in The Duke, Crowleys and Fuel and one on the 3rd in The Office. The Duke in Neath play host to a great looking show put on by the awesome guys at Eradication . Boycott The Baptist head up the night with their own brand of punk/grind. The three piece from Leeds have a Pig Destroyer/Black Flag thing going on and are a must for and Punks or Grindcore fans. Support comes from local punks State Of Decay. Any time you see a great punk gig in the area you will probably see State Of Decay support simply because they are the best punk band around. That goes for their music and live show so if you've yet to experience them, make it a priority! Also on the bill are Gloucester based Minus Inferno. With a more straight up metal sound, the band will be kicking off the night with a bang.

Crowleys Rock Bar in Swansea also has a great night of music booked. A free entry gig see Helldown heading up a show of awesome local acts. Needing no introduction to fans of our show, Helldown are a band we feel can go all the way. A thrash metal band at heart with a darker feel to the music (think classic Slayer), the guys really don't know how to put on a bad show. With a high energy set full of neck breakers, you'll probably want to clear your diary for the morning after to recover. I'd particularly recommend catching them playing their new track 'The Watchers', it's an absolute banger but also shows a band evolving their style as they move forward. Support comes from Disrupt The Continuum from Newport. Featuring a lineup who have cut their teeth with other great bands, they are now establishing themselves as an act to be taken seriously. Blending various metal genres but with a new school edge to the sound, the guys are a great addition to the show. We also have Second Sons, a power trio from Swansea. The band describe themselves as rock and having covered the likes of Ugly Kid Joe and Rory Gallagher, you know it's likely to be a fun show. And opening are Krobow. With a set full of classic metal and hard rock bangers, the band let the riffs do the talking. Influenced by all the classic metal bands, the band have a great style and sound that is hard not to like.

Fuel Rock Club Cardiff are also putting on a great night of music. Headlining the bill are Dethias are a six piece metal band from Pontypridd. Their music can be described as atmospheric and theatrical with their live show getting winning over anyone who attends. They have a concept to their music which tells the story of a Demi-God and his Legion. This will unfortunately be the bands final show to mark their drummer leaving the area. Certainly not to be missed.

Support comes from local power/melodic metallers StarStorm. Fronted by the guitar virtuosos the Owen brothers who have previously played with Power Quest and ZP Thearts IAmI, the band play a brand of metal that focuses on great songs and melodies. Having just released their debut EP 'Wings Of The Storm' (which they will play in full amongst others) the band are now looking to take over the world. Also on the bill are Cardiff based Black Of Night. The band play groove metal and site Pantera as an influence but also inject their music with a melodic edge to give it an extra dimension. The band have just won the vote to play at Facebarmageddon festival beating a ton of talent so they've certainly won the public over. Breakdown Face are also on the bill. A three piece from Cardiff describing themselves as 'shitcore', they play a mix of of raw punk, rock, rap and metal! They sound clean off it and their show will no doubt reflect that. And opening the bill are SOIM. For anyone not familiar, SOIM stands for Sounds Of Insane Music and are a one piece band with Elliot Cadmore running the show. He describes the music as Extreme Progressive which is spot on. Having been quite prolific on the circuit you can expect the show to open with bang!

On Sunday night we have the latest edition of 'A Heavy Night At The Office'. This show is headlined by the awesome Sepulchre. From Swansea, the three piece have been part of the metal scene for a while and know how to put on a show. With a mainly death metal sound that flirts with thrash and grind, the band will be looking to showcase songs from their recently released EP 'The Great South Western Depression'. Support comes from Doomcrow. From Carmarthen, the guys are a stoner rock band with a trippy vibe. Having recently been recording track to release including the awesome 'Abstract Interiors' they're a great addition to the bill. The gig also features the return of Swanseas Godkilla! Fans of the bands Doomy rock will be happy to see the band return to the stage after a long absence. Currently writing new material with their new vocalist James Langstone, it will be their only show until late in the year so don't miss out. We also have Supernaut, a local thrash band who will be looking to smack you around the head with a mixture of originals and old school bangers. They're another band who have been on a long hiatus and are looking forward to putting on a great show. An opening the night are Swansea three piece Reclvse. Playing misty doom metal/rock , the band have been getting tight on the circuit and are looking to start of the night with some mighty crushing riffs.

So whichever gig you choose to attend you know it's going to be a great one! Get out and support you local music and there be more from us as the month goes on 🤘

Sep 01, 2017 The Globe Cardiff Cock Sparrer Sep 02, 2017 Fuel Rock Club Cardiff Dethias/StarStorm/Black Of Night/Breakdown Face/SOIM Sep 02, 2017 The Duke Neath Boycott The Baptist/State Of Decay Sep 02, 2017 Crowleys Rock Bar Swansea Helldown/Krobow/Second Sons/Disrupt The Continuum Sep 03, 2017 ​The Office Swansea Sepulchre/Doomcrow/Godkilla/Supernaut/Reclvse Sep 06, 2017 Fuel Rock Club Cardiff Cattle Decapitation/Broken Hope/Hideous Divinity/Gloryhole Guillotine/Sodomized Cadaver Sep 07, 2017 THE PIT, STRAND SWANSEA Parallaxis + Support Sep 08, 2017 The Masons Llanelli Heavy Flames/Hobgoblin Sep 09, 2017 The Dolls House Abertillery Women Of Rock featuring Digital Criminals/Scarsun/The Boom Sons Sep 09, 2017 Fuel Rock Club Cardiff Epsilon/Mudlark/Clarity As Arson/From The Depths Sep 12, 2017 THE PIT, STRAND SWANSEA Democratus/Save Your Last Breath/Blind Divide/Plague Father/Incursion Sep 12, 2017 Bierkeller Bristol American Head Charge/Once Human/In Death/Reptil Sep 13, 2017 THE PIT, STRAND SWANSEA KANED Sep 13, 2017 THE PIT, STRAND SWANSEA David Gilmour Live At Pompeii Sep 13, 2017 The Gryphon Bristol Gryphest featuring Red Rum/Omnipotent Hysteria/Virus Sep 14, 2017 The Gryphon Bristol Gryphest featuring Red Rum/Omnipotent Hysteria/Virus Sep 15, 2017 The Gryphon Bristol Gryphest featuring Red Rum/Omnipotent Hysteria/Virus Sep 15, 2017 THE PIT, STRAND SWANSEA Skywalker + Coast To Coast Sep 15, 2017 The Duke Neath Past The Fall/Pirana Sep 15, 2017 The New Crown Merthyr Buck & Evans Sep 15, 2017 The Dragonffli Pontypool BMF666 in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation featuring End Of Salvation/The Crimson Brigade/With A Vengeance/Gutlocker/Atorc/Beneath The Divine/Helldown/Democratus/SOIM/Agrona/And Yet It Moves Sep 16, 2017 Crowleys Rock Bar Swansea We Come From Ashes/Redwood Avenue/Proteus Sep 16, 2017 The Masons Llanelli Dirty Wink/Windshake/Fat Wreck Sep 16, 2017 The Dragonffli Pontypool BMF666 in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation featuring End Of Salvation/The Crimson Brigade/With A Vengeance/Gutlocker/Atorc/Beneath The Divine/Helldown/Democratus/SOIM/Agrona/And Yet It Moves Sep 17, 2017 The Dragonffli Pontypool BMF666 in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation featuring End Of Salvation/The Crimson Brigade/With A Vengeance/Gutlocker/Atorc/Beneath The Divine/Helldown/Democratus/SOIM/Agrona/And Yet It Moves Sep 17, 2017 The Pit Swansea Drones/The Decoy Sep 17, 2017 Bierkeller Bristol The Pineapple Thief Feat Gavin Harrison Sep 18, 2017 SIN CITY SWANSEA 

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