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I’ve had technical difficulties for several weeks in the form of an unreliable laptop – poor ‘Sam’, he’s not a youngster anymore and has been used daily for up to 12 hours and has now finally given up the ghost. I now have a new laptop, which I love already, but I’m sad for Sam as he served me well for many years and also I’ve lost a lot of stuff (all of my music included!). Anyhow, thanks to the new laptop, I’m now playing catchup. I thought I’d write about my ‘baby’ Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers, aka PP&P, a music showcase website for guitar music which I started in December 2011. Apart from showcasing up and coming bands, I thought it would be useful to include information for the bands themselves and so the site also has details of photographers, videographers, studios/rehearsal rooms and more. PP&P, to my knowledge, is the only independent music website endorsed by music industry insiders and I have endorsements from the UK and the US such as this one from Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna (I met him and his fiancée, now his wife, back in 1989 and his wife and I have remained friends): "It’s really awesome that you take initiative to provide info for people who need it to further their careers. Back in the day we never had anything like this to inform us of all the available photographers, studios, producers, etc. You make it easy to find and get in touch with other people in and around the music business who can help us with whatever we need. It’s great that you are helping out new bands too, giving the unknown a chance to be showcased." I also have an endorsement from a Grammy award winning songwriter who has written hit songs for the likes of Cher, Tina Turner and Madonna, as well as of course Welsh musicians such as Funeral for a Friend’s Matt Davies-Kreye, Ryan Richards, and The Blackout’s Gavin Butler. Possibly my favourite endorsement is from Kids in Glass Houses frontman Aled Phillips: "It's so refreshing, in an age where people always expect something in return, to see such a selfless website by someone so tirelessly devoted to giving exposure to the music that they are passionate about. This has the potential to be a massively beneficial resource for fellow music lovers and for those already negotiating the twists and turns of the music industry, alike. Great work, Jayne!" The endorsements can be read here: I also have lots of comments from musicians/managers/business owners who have featured over the years on the website, including these: Edward Margulies, Manager of Zodiac ‘N’ Black, London "There is very little in the way of support for emerging bands so to get the chance to work with someone like yourself is a real blessing. The industry needs people like you … you are a shining light …You clearly care for what you believe in and somehow put the desires of others before those of yourself which is the most noble thing a human being can do. It's a pleasure to have had the chance to get to know you”. Adam Williams, drummer The Last Carnival, Brighton "The music industry wouldn't be in such a mess if it was full of people like Jayne. Thank you for including us on your site, for your enthusiasm for our music and for taking the time out of your day to maintain a very cool site dedicated to great new music" Yousef El’Omari, guitarist Ghosts of Fortune, London "As a struggling unsigned band the opportunity that Jayne has provided to us and other groups cannot be underestimated. In an industry so often focused on sensationalism, hype and ultimately soulless corporate music PP+P is a shining example of integrity, objectivity and a genuine passion for music." The comments can be read here: There are bands on PP&P from all over the world, including of course here in Wales. Some sadly have fallen by the wayside since the site started, such as Caesars Rome and Milestone, but it currently features: The Starling Radicals Beyond The Break Nuclear Lullaby Static Fires Red Room Therapy The People The Poet Fallen Temples The Broadcasts Prosperina The Undivided Kyshera I have had the privilege of seeing several of the Welsh bands in action, as well as Brighton’s The Last Carnival, and all were amazing live. We have a lot of exciting bands here in Wales so let’s celebrate that fact with the world and if you are in a band, or know of any you can recommend, there is a contact form on the website, or you can email me at: I prefer rock orientated music, and it must be melodic but I don’t mind a bit of ‘screamo’ thrown into a track if there is plenty of melody to accompany it. Likewise, if you have a music related business then please let me know the details. All I ask in return is some help in spreading the word of PP&P and its amazing musicians by sharing a link to the site. Other than that, there is no cost to the bands or anyone else who features on there. The website is a labour of love for me and has no sponsors and contains no adverts but gets around a thousand views per week and has passed 230,000 views. Facebook  

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