THY ANTICHRISTUnveils Initial Album Details Of “Wrath Of The Beast”

Thy Antichrist is an existentialist black metal band showcasing extreme elements that’s been making tidal waves in the underground metal community since 1998 and has been building an important fan base around the world. In 2016, these US based Black Metallers found a home with the reputable Extreme Management Group, as well as joined the roster of well-known booking agency, Continental Concerts. With a stout history and commanding presence, Thy Antichrist has tremendous potential for further growth going with the recent worldwide signing with Napalm Records! Napalm Records is more than proud to welcome such a hardworking, ambitious and promising band to the roster and to unveil first album details of the bands Napalm Records debut “Wrath Of The Beast”! The band comments on the new album: “We read Aleister Crowley’s wicked spell to awake an ancient evil pharaoh from the ashes of time, to condemn this modern world of chaos by the cursed hands of man. We invoke the Wrath of the Beast, the eclipsing star that rises from the east!” Just when you thought you had seen and heard everything, Thy Antichrist has arisen. Find album artwork, full track listing and available formats below: 

The band has created a teaser for the new album. Take a look and listen at it HERE!

“Wrath Of The Beast” track listing: Desolation Metal to the Bone The Great Beast A World Burnt to Ashes No Place Like Hell Nightmares Crown of Lies Skeletons of Disgrace Walking Through the Soul The Last Breath – Instrumental Outro “Wrath Of The Beast” will be available as: 1 CD Jewel Case 1LP Gatefold Digital Album Get your hands on the “Wrath Of The Beast” HERE!

Thy Antichrist has handcrafted a sui generis style into their live performance and music respecting the old traditional metal influence of different metal genres such as thrash metal, heavy metal, death metal and of course the Black Metal touch. The band has taken to the masses with notable festival appearances with some of metals biggest names. Thy Antichrist has without a doubt connected with fans and created a loyal fan base eager to see what’s coming next. Keep your eyes & ears open!

Thy Antichrist Line-up: Antichrist 666: Terryfying Vocals of Tragic Existence and Tragic Poetry. Abyssus: Six Strings of Human Suffering. Frost Giant: Bassist of Cold and Tragic Whisperings. Oricuss: Apocalyptic Thunders of Chaos. Drums. Discography: 2002: POSSESSED BY MY OWN SATAN - Colombia 2004: WICKED TESTIMONIES - Colombia 2005: SATAN ESCAPES FROM HELL - Colombia 2006: POSSESSED BY MY OWN SATAN - Single - Colombia 2006: BLASFEMIAS - Cover Single - Colombia 2008: HUMAN PANDEMONIUM - France 2008: TEN YEARS OF TRAGIC HERESY (dvd) - Colombia 2008: UN TITAN LLAMADO NUTIBARA - Colombia 2009: WICKED TESTIMONIES (Re-Issue) - Colombia 2011: BETWEEN GOD AND THE DEVIL SINGLE - Colombia 2015: SATAN ESCAPES FROM HELL + WICKED TESTIMONIES (Limited Edition Cassette Deluxe Box Set) - Canada 2015: UNHOLY VICTORY - Split - Mexico 2016: WICKED TESTIMONIES (Re-Issue) - Brazil 2016: WICKED TESTIMONIES (Limited Digibook Edition) - Colombia 2016: WICKED TESTIMONIES (Limited Digipack Edition) - Mexico For More Info Visit:

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