The RT Rock Show Playlist 28th May 2018

Missed the last show? Don't fear, listen again here! (And see what we played)

Blaze - State At The Sun

Iron Maiden - The Clansman

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Bad Habit

Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go

Johnny Gioeli - Interview

Hardline - Hot Cherie

Toledo Steel - No Quarter

Breathe In The Silence - Hold My Heart

Millennial Reign - Break The Tide

We Come From Ashes - Medusa

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

The Heretic Order - Evil Rising

Greenmailer - Play It Like An Ending

Primal Fear - Hounds Of Justice

Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone

Stone Broken - Interview

Stone Broken - Heartbeat Away

Ravenbreed - Lonely

Demon - Don’t Break The Circle

Democratus - Endless Prophecy

Dio - Holy Diver

Strike The Light - Black Gold

Nervosa - Kill The Silence

UFO - Doctor Doctor

Madball - Old Fashioned

Kamelot - Forever