MOB RULES Rousing New ‘Beast Reborn’ Studio Album

“Tales From Beyond’ is one of the best metal albums I have heard in many years and it will be a must buy for anyone fortunate to hear it. Every now and then you put on an album that makes you sit up and forget everything else until it is finished and this is such an album. From the bombastic opening refrains of ‘Dykemaster’s Tale’ right through to the three part album closing epic, ‘A Tale From Beyond’, Mob Rules crank up the power to 11 and simply steamroller their way into your brain.” (Terry Craven, Rock Society Magazine, July / August 2016). “Having marked twenty years together with the excellent ‘Timekeeper’ Box set in 2014, Mob Rules march boldly into their third decade with ‘Tales From Beyond’. This is no act resting on their laurels or simply celebrating old glories; instead, ‘Tales…’ finds the band sounding as fresh and vibrant as ever. Combining elements of Prog and Symphonic metal into their sound, yet still hitting home with the power and force they always have, MR have created an attack all of their own…’Tales From Beyond’ is unmistakably Mob Rules and it’s unmistakable excellent!” (Steven Reid, Fireworks Magazine Apr-Jun 2016). Vital German melodic metal act Mob Rules are set to release their monumental ninth studio album ‘Beast Reborn’, on August 24th on Steamhammer / SPV as a DigiPak CD, double gatefold orange with black swirls vinyl (with printed inner sleeves + CD in cardboard case), download and stream. A limited edition of 500 box sets will also be available, containing the digipak CD, double LP, a printed towel, 2 track bonus CD, patch, sticker, hand signed photocard and certification sheet. All fired up in the wake of huge critical acclaim for ‘Tales From Beyond’, the band’s last studio album, released in March 2016, Mob Rules were massively focused and buzzing with energy when they went into the studio to put down ‘Beast Reborn’. Furthermore, the addition of new band member Sönke Janssen as second guitarist has subtly lifted Mob Rules’ sound spectrum a significant level higher with his technically sophisticated yet passionate playing. Lead guitarist and songwriter Sven Lüdke was Janssens guitar teacher for many years and brought him into the band, which explains the high level of mutual trust and innate interaction between the two musicians. A fresh, straightforward metal-edged hard rock album packed with powerful melodies and expressive choruses, ‘Beast Reborn’ is marked by the same ‘new directness’ as its’ illustrious predecessor ‘Tales From Beyond’. ‘Beast Reborn’ was expertly mixed by tried and tested sound engineer Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Saga, Firewind etc) at his Bazement studio in Germany and then superbly mastered by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amorphis) at his Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Bogram states that “‘Beast Reborn’ is a great album filled with catchy tunes that will stick with you. Fans of melodic metal should definitely check this out!”. And when they do, they will, no doubt, be blown away by the band’s best album ever. Release Date: August 24th, 2018 MOB RULES "Beast Reborn" Available physical formats: Format: CD Packaging: Digipak Format: 2LP + CD Packaging: Double gatefold, printed inner sleeves, orange with black swirls vinyl, CD in paper sleeve, 180 g => limited to 500 units Format: Boxset Packaging: 2LP, CD Digi, printed towel, 2 track bonus CD, patch, sticker, handsigned photocard, certification sheet => limited to 500 units TRACK LISTING: 01.