British industrial alternative rock quartet Sulpher, the band surrounding Marylyn Manson / The Prodigy guitarist Rob Holliday, have inked with Oblivion / SPV to release their vital, outstanding new album ‘No One Will Ever Know’, on August 31st. On ‘No One Will Ever Know’, Sulpher have dusted off and modernized their unmistakable signature sound (consisting of rock, metal, a little electronica and dreamy shoegaze elements), in a more uncompromising and captivating way than ever before. Unconstrained anger meets melancholy toughness and atmospheric mental images meet a metallic dirtiness.

A video for the title track has just been unveiled; check it out at

Sulpher were formed in 2000 by Rob Holliday and Steve Monti, who had previously played together in alt rock / electronica act Curve in the 1990’s. Sulpher were soon considered one of the most promising and progressive European industrial metal bands on the scene after their riotous debut album ‘Spray’, released in 2002, won rave reviews across the continent. Sulpher were celebrated at shows supporting The Sisters Of Mercy, The 69 Eyes and Marylyn Manson, as well as prestigious appearances at many important European festivals, and were voted ‘Best British Heavy Metal Band’ in Metal Hammer in 2003. The turning point came when, after a temporary hiatus, Rob and Steve both found themselves very much in demand; Holliday embarked on arena tours around the globe playing guitar with Marylyn Manson and The Prodigy in front of over a million enthusiastic fans. Monti went on to work with Gary Numan, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Gang Of Four, Wilco Johnson and Pop Will Eat Itself as either a much sought after drummer, producer, or both. Then at the beginning of 2012 Rob and Steve recruited guitarist Andy Spillane plus bassist Davey Bennet to resurrect Sulpher for a gig and begin working on the songs that eventually made it on to ‘No One Will Ever Know’, which was subsequently recorded at London’s Winch Studios painstakingly and with a ton of love for detail. The album title track, set to be released as a single on July 13th, “Is about how we perceive each other” explains Rob Halliday. “We always project something of ourselves onto others, but we never know how the other person really feels and whom we are dealing with. No matter how well you think you know somebody, at the end of the day we’re all strangers.” The subject of relationships is the concept of the whole album; a theme that has always fascinated Holliday in its different incarnations - the good, but much more so the negative sides of human coexistence. “The euphoria of falling in love, but also the disappointment and the fury when your partner has lied to you and cheated you and everything falls apart. I’m fascinated by what people are capable of doing to each other: love, hate and everything in between. These songs are my personal way of dealing with the things that go on in the world.” SULPHER live: 04.05.2018 The Hairy Dog Derby UK 06.05.2018 Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes UK 18.05.2018 Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig DE 02.06.2018 Camden Rocks Festival London UK 07.07.2018 Cobblestones Bridgwater UK 08.07.2018 Amplified Open Air Gloucestershire UK 28.10.2018 Black Celebration Fstvl. London UK


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