The RT Rock Show Playlist 17th September 2018

Missed the last show? Don't fear, listen again here! (And see what we played)


Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road Cancel The Transmission - Come Get Some Grand Royale - Go Go Go (Live) Edguy - Superheroes Metal Allegiance - The Accuser Dynazty - The Grey Man - Romain Black Lotus - Sons Of Saturn Megadeth - Lucretia Creye - Different State Of Mind Those Damn Crows - Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Dead Bon Jovi - Sleep When I’m Dead Jared James Nichols - Interview Jared James Nichols - The Gun Manimal - Purgatorio Helloween - March Of Time Stormbringer - Dying Breed Wolfheart - The Saw Acranius - Kingmaker Galneryus - Heavenly Punishment Motörhead - Damage Case Airrace - Running Out Of Time Unleashed - Lead Us Into War Slash - Interview Wind Rose - To Erebor Deicide - Defying The Sacred Cranial Separation - Eternal Decay The Runaways - Cherry Bomb Messages From Manhattan - Deadwood Ramones - Pet Sematary Deep Purple - Burn