The RT Rock Show Playlist 22nd April 2019

Missed the last show? Don't fear, listen again here! (And see what we played)

Black Sabbath - Headless Cross

AC/DC - Cover You In Oil

Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue

Dimorfia - Signs Of The Fall

Aiden Hatfield - Fallen To Pieces

Greenmailer - Play It Like An Ending

The 69 Eyes - Lost Boys

Woven Man - I Am Mountain

Cats In Space - Johnny Rocket

Zebrahead - We’re Not Alright

Judas Priest - Dissident Aggressor

Majestica - Rising Tide

Krisiun - Blood Of Lions

Grand Magus - Brother Of The Storm

Temple Of One - The Cards

Chaos Magic - Like Never Before

Satyricon - Mother North

Liberty Lies - Different Tongues

Ancient Medicine - Rock Will Roll On

Possessed - Shadowcult

Nails - I Don’t Want To Know You

Sweet Oblivion - True Colors

Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror

Raised By Owls - Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

Nervosa - Raise Your Fist!

Memoriam - Shell Shock

Paraskenia - When Darkness Falls

Amorphis - Hopeless Days

Opeth - Windowpane

Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal


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