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Darkwave duo HERMANOS are proud to release the official video for “A Different Love”, track taken from their upcoming self-titled album “A Different Love” due for release via Epictronic.

Watch “A Different Love” Music Video:

Hermanos are: Roberto Brussato: guitars & Piano. Giorgio Brussato: bass, synth.& samplings, vox & backvox




For Those That Wish To Exist, the ninth studio record from England-based post-metalcore quintet Architects, is out now via Epitaph Records. The self-produced record finds Architects tackling the biggest questions facing the future of our planet with their grandest, most expansive sonic offering yet building upon the band’s hallmark post-metalcore sound by layering a burgeoning influence of electronics and orchestral strings, horns and choirs. The result is a rich tapestry that transcends the limitations of genre and rewards exploration and immersion in its journey. The record’s 15-tracks hang in a limbo between energizing positivity that it is not too late to correct our collective course and paralyzing negativity of defeatism; where hope and despondency are bed-fellows triggered daily by the simple act of existence. A reflection of the human condition, For Those That Wish To Exist calls for all of us to rise to challenge established models and strive for a collective betterment. Such concerns that have long been prevalent in the music of a band who have continually championed and shared their platform with causes such as Sea Shepherd, are outspoken critics of barbaric exercises such as fox hunting, and who focus on sustainability in everything from their touring to merch production. The album’s singles “Meteor,” “Dead Butterflies,” “Black Lungs,” and colossal single “Animals” have amassed 30M+ streams and 13M+ YouTube views. EARLY ACCLAIM FOR FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO EXIST “On their ninth album, Architects offer one of their most melodic and beautifully crafted works yet” - The Independent (4/5) "the music is vital and vibrant, using a broader palette and brighter colours than they’ve ever used before (..) 'For Those That Wish To Exist is a long and constantly shifting album. It also sounds like it could be a crucial one in Architects’ ongoing evolution." - Kerrang, UK (5/5) "With a cleaner sonic palette and orchestral flourishes, it's proof of their enduring creativity" - NME, UK (4/5) “an impressive, self-contained epic” - Visions, DE "Put simply, ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ is the most textured, thoughtful and utterly fearless Architects have ever been, and kicks off a new bright and boundless new chapter for one of the UK’s most incredible and intoxicating bands." - Rock Sound, UK (Album of the Month) "For Those That Wish To Exist is their magnum opus" – Upset, UK (5/5) "a huge leap forward"- Rock Hard, DE (9/10) "an explosive return (..) this new album brings joy and happiness in a time where it is needed most." - Clash, UK (9/10) FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO EXIST TRACK LISTING

  1. Do You Dream of Armageddon?

  2. Black Lungs

  3. Giving Blood

  4. Discourse Is Dead

  5. Dead Butterflies

  6. An Ordinary Extinction

  7. Impermanence ft. Winston McCall (Parkway Drive)

  8. Flight Without Feathers

  9. Little Wonder ft. Mike Kerr (Royal Blood)

  10. Animals

  11. Libertine

  12. Goliath ft. Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro)

  13. Demi God

  14. Meteor

  15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe

Architects is vocalist Sam Carter, drummer Dan Searle, bassist Ali Dean and guitarists Josh Middleton and Adam Christianson.

Hameln is a concept album loosely based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and suggests a succession of musical tableaux. The story takes its roots from an old medieval legend, from which the oldest reference dates back to the XVth century, and recounts facts from 1284. An array of ancient instruments were used to create a dark medieval atmosphere suitable for our story, emphasizing the flute, common thread throughout the album. Hameln starts at a crucial turning point, when the city is being freed from a rodent infestation, and the Piper is betrayed by his kin. Every song depicts a different part of the story from the Piper’s point of view who, as nature’s herald, is torn between his will to save mankind and the sentence he has come to deliver. More than a simple story, Hameln is a metaphor for a nature overexploited by man, that will ultimately be his undoing: the children’s death symbolizes the destruction of the future of mankind. The Piper knows he has to kill the children to restore a balance destroyed by man, blinded by thirst for power and greed, endless plundering the Earth with no consideration for its well-being. Every song follows Robert Browning’s poem The Pied Piper, and the audio extracts are read by Robert Hardy. Credits: Recorded between January 2020 and March 2020 at Tidalwave Studio and Dark Faery Records studio. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Patrick Damiani at Tidalwave Studio Artwork by Chloé Fournier from Mauvaise Foi Editions, and additional design by Nicolas Latreille from Gridwise Studio.

"Hameln" Album Trailer


Hellbilly gravediggers Grim Reaper Ride are back with a new official video for the track "One For Hole", taken from "Hellbilly Back to Underground" album out via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

"Hellbilly Back to Underground" is available on all digital platforms HERE

Get the album on CD format HERE This gravedigger, being more than Rock 'n' Roll, tries his hand at Hellbilly, a genre at the crossroads of Psychobilly, Punk, and Metal, with a saturated upright bass as its core element. From Rockabilly to Metal, it's a groovy, bluesy road!

Alt-rock four-piece Dohny Jep release explosive new EP 'Smile, It Might Never Happen'

Kent-based alternative-rock four-piece Dohny Jep began as a duo in early 2019, with Stuart and Pete deciding to create something unlike anything either of them had done before in previous bands and projects. With their unique video concepts and mesh of pop-synth melodies and rock guitars, they did just that. Fast forward one year and with an additional two members in tow, the group self-released their much celebrated debut album L.U.S.T in July 2020. Since the release the band have amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify, received regular airplay from Hard Rock Hell Radio and BBC Introducing as well as glowing reviews from the likes of Dead Press and Distorted Sound. After playing just one show together as a band, they had tours planned throughout 2020 to coincide with the release of their debut album, but as the Coronavirus put a halt to any plans of playing their new material live, they headed back to the studio to record more new music. A product of this recording session is their fantastic upcoming EP ‘Smile, It Might Never Happen’, due for release February 26th 2021 via Favour The Brave Records. Recorded at their recently-built home studio and produced, mixed and mastered by Rhys May (Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco, While She Sleeps), the EP explores the subjects of mental health, friendship, and letting go of the negatives in your life & living in the moment. Prior to the release came the EP’s leading single ‘Looking In’. Commenting on the track the band state: “Looking in is about feeling left out and neglected, wanting to be included but also struggling to make these feelings known, causing you to never really get anywhere”.



Apple Music:


ONLINE Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Stuart Day - Guitar, Vocals

Pete Herbert - Bass, Vocals

Rowan Tremain - Drums

Wayne Ambrose - Guitar

FOR FANS OF Don Broco Bring Me The Horizon The 1975 Zedd

PENGSHUi New Single “Eat The Rich” Out FEB 26th on MVKA “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they'll eat the rich” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau PENGSHUi don’t care much for barriers. How else do you end up with a bulldozing ambush of riffs and aggressive raps that tear down the walls between grime and punk? Charging out of the blocks with their first new music of 2021, PENGSHUi are back in venomous form with “Eat The Rich”. Watch the mindblowing video HERE. Fed up with the greed of government and corporations, “Eat The Rich” (co-written with Flux Pavillion and Pete Cannon) is an anthem for the disenfranchised. “The balance between rich & poor has never been clearer and more evident,” says PENGSHUi vocalist Illaman. “The world’s rich are the richest they've ever been - profiting from slave labour, tax evasion and pillaging of the world’s resources - while the poor just get poorer. It feels like we - the people on the ground, the poor, the struggling, the council estate working class - have been left to fight for ourselves and "Eat The Rich" is the theme song for that fight.” Already gathering support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio, Metal Hammer, Kerrang! Magazine and more, PENGSHUi are on the rise. “It’s this unhinged, loud sound that actually came about pretty organically,” grins the group’s bassist/producer Fatty, joined in the band by vocalist Illaman and drummer Pravvy Prav. “We mash up the sub bass, the sounds of London underground bass music culture, jungle, grime, early dubstep and combine this with the energy and message of punk. The bass music and punk scenes are made up of people with who’ve got this DIY spirit and desire to fuck shit up and push forward the music they love. PENGSHUi is our interpretation of all this.” That desire is written all over the group’s sound, a molotov cocktail combination of genres that’s attracting a fast-growing fanbase. Since forming in 2018, PENGSHUi have dropped a critically acclaimed debut album, the trio have released multiple cult singles, won a Kerrang! Radio Fresh Blood competition for a slot at Download Festival and bagged appearances at Glastonbury and Boomtown festivals. They’ve toured with genre-smashing Welsh wonders Astroid Boys and been invited to create an official remix for The Prodigy, resulting in a blistering rework of their Essex idols’ track “Light Up The Sky”. The band are currently putting the final touches on their forthcoming sophomore album… more on that very soon.

“Like grime icons Stormzy, Skepta and Dizzee Rascal, these lads recognise the parallels with old school punk, mainly the dirt, the danger, the social consciousness and bared-teeth desperation of it all… PENGSHUi’s vicious vibes hit hard enough to leave a bruise.” - Kerrang!

PENGSHUi managed to put into this record exactly what bonds grime with punk. The anger, the confidence, and the “just you wait and see” attitude that leads many bands in these fields to succeed and go down in history as some of the most influential acts to ever take to the stage and make a difference.” - Discovered 9/10

“… if they continue on this course, PENGSHUi could well be talked about in 2029 as one of the bands of the decade, spearheading a brand new genre with plenty of bands forming off the back of it.” - Bring The Noise 10/10

Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Bandcamp: SoundCloud:

Watch These: No Joke Control Leave It Nobody Cares

For further information on PENGSHUi please contact: Print and Online Publicity: Emma Van Duyts at Public City Radio & TV: Nelly Liger-Edinger at The Noise Cartel

Legendary Toto guitarist Steve Lukather will be releasing his new solo album I Found The Sun Again this Friday via The Players Club/Mascot Label Group.

I Found The Sun Again was co-produced by Ken Freeman and features drummer Greg Bissonette, keyboardist Jeff Babko, and bassists Jorgen Carlsson and John Pierce. Life-long friend and Toto band-mate David Paich also features on piano and organ across the album, while Joseph Williams offers his vocals across multiple tracks. Ringo Starr alsomakes a special appearance on the album. Speaking about the album, Lukather offers“Never had so much fun recording in my life. Painless, fun and easy - and it just flowed.”.


STANDING ON THE EDGE new album out 07.05.21 (Frontiers)

includes the single STANDING ON THE EDGE video

The forthcoming new solo album by Robin McAuley, ‘Standing On The Edge’, sees the respected Irish rock singer make a strong musical statement during a period that has been more creative than ever for him. Following his re-emergence on the recordings side of the music industry with guest spots on Michael Schenker Fest albums and fronting the hard rock supergroup Black Swan, McAuley is feeling invigorated and creative, while also demonstrating that his voice is as powerful as ever. ‘Standing On The Edge’ will be released on 7th May 2021. "It was hard not to draw reference to the dreaded pandemic we all still find ourselves in,” states McAuley, “so I just spat out what I was feeling. ‘Standing On The Edge’ seemed an appropriate title to describe the current climate. In contrast to that, however, songs like ‘Run Away’ hearken back to my childhood years, racing across the fields next to our house trying to beat the rain home. I’m still running all these years later! Alessandro [Del Vecchio] sent me this beautiful music and the lyric and melody came together quite quickly. It's very simple and childlike and I really like how the song turned out. On the other hand, ‘Wanna Take A Ride’ was just me desperate to get out of the house during lockdown and head to the beach. Top down, throttle wide open, and a stiff middle finger to Covid. I crank this SO LOUD in my car. Makes me smile! : )" Robin McAuley is acknowledged as one of the best singers from a golden period in hard rock music. His voice can be heard on albums by Grand Prix and Far Corporation, as well as the chart topping MSG records ‘Perfect Timing’, ‘Save Yourself’ and ‘MSG’. It was via these that he was introduced to hard rock fans at large, who couldn’t fail to recognise the inherent talent and skill in his vocal abilities. After departing MSG he released a 1999 solo record, then joined AOR legends Survivor, but then re-grouped with Schenker in Michael Schenker Fest for their recent ’Resurrection’ and ‘Revelation’ records. And, of course, in what was a revelation to hard rock fans worldwide, 2020 saw him participate in the supergroup Black Swan, for which he joined forces with Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger), Jeff Pilson (Foreigner, ex-Dokken) and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big). McAuley spent the latter half of 2020 working on this new solo record, which encompasses variations of Hard and Melodic Rock that are all superbly performed. With production (and co-writing) by Alessandro Del Vecchio, McAuley has come up with a gem of an album that also includes songwriting collaborations with his former Grand Prix bandmate Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep keyboardist) on ‘Like a Ghost’, Howard Leese (Bad Company, ex-Heart) on ‘Supposed To Do Now’, and Tommy Denander on ‘Do You Remember’ and ‘Chosen Few’. ‘Standing On The Edge’ is an album that is sure to delight and thrill all fans of melodic hard rock. Concluding, McAuley adds that “perhaps this record is not everything I ever wanted to say or record in a solo effort, but it’s how I felt at the time. I’m far from being done. Hope you like what you hear.”

STANDING ON THE EDGE TRACKLISTING 1 Thy Will Be Done 2 Standing On The Edge 3 Late December 4 Do You Remember 5 Say Goodbye 6 Chosen Few 7 Run Away 8 Supposed To Do Now 9 Wanna Take A Ride 10 Like A Ghost 11 Running Out Of Time


Robin McAuley - vocals

Andrea Seveso - guitars

Alessandro Del Vecchio - bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Nicholas Papapicco - drums

Howard Leese - guitars on ‘Supposed To Do Now’

Blind Faith Signs With Wormholedeath And Announces "Closer" EP

BLIND FAITH is the AOR & melodic neoclassical metal project by Anton Darusso, lead vocals of critically acclaimed Wings Of Destiny and Oxidize. BLIND FAITH's EP "Closer" will be out on 26/03/2021 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

"Closer" Cover & Tracklist

1.Dream chaser


3.Separate ways


AOR & melodic neoclassical metal project by an amazing guitar shredder from Costa Rica Allan “Kalay” Murillo Guzman (ex-guitar player of Wings of Destiny) & versatile and renowned singer Anton Darusso (Active frontman of such acts as Wings of Destiny, Oxidize band, Magic Opera, who also worked and toured with ex-Stratovarius Timo Tolkki and many more). Darusso @Kalay . The project was born in the middle of 2020 during the shows where both musicians shared stage with Mike Vescera (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness). After creating some demos, it became clear the musicianship is strong so the project began. In the year 2021 BLIND FAITH is releasing its first EP “Closer” consisting of 3 blasting tracks:

Line-Up Anton Darusso- vocals, lyrics & production, concept development Kalay- multi-instruments & composing


UK Alt-Metal Upstarts VEXED Announce Vicious Debut Album, Culling Culture, out May 21, 2021 | Pre-Order NOW

Experience the Menacing New Single + Music Video, “Hideous”, HERE

VEXED deliver a contemporary and progressive take on culture! The UK’s most exciting new talent, fearless alt-metal upstarts VEXED, instantly turned heads and took names with the release of two recent standalone singles – including the fearsome “Elite” featuring Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon – creating a palpable underground buzz and giving fans a hefty sample of what to expect in the future. Now, the wait is over – the crushing Hertfordshire foursome have resurfaced with the announcement of their aggressive and uncompromising debut full-length, Culling Culture, out May 21, 2021 via Napalm Records. With their devastatingly heavy first output, VEXED underline their refusal to be pigeonholed into sonically conformist categories. Their instrumental dagger is sharpened by unrelentingly adept, technical prowess, gripping you with assertive swagger and hyper-focused brutality. Moreover, for as confident as they are musically, VEXED is as poignant lyrically. The title of the album, Culling Culture, and portions of its contents deliver the band’s unfiltered response to the world’s latest social phenomena of public ostracism, “cancel culture”. Facing very personal experiences, Culling Culture is a tribute to hate, betrayal and anger, whilst also reflecting post-modern society with strikingly honest songwriting and heavy groove. Their first single, “Hideous”, along with a captivating official music video, not only serves as a first taste and vicious wake up call, but also showcases that anger can either destroy you or provide real strength. With this offering, VEXED prove the latter. VEXED on their first single: It gives us great satisfaction to share with you our Grindhouse inspired music video for our debut single, “Hideous”. Fueled by the feeling of ‘seeing red’ and having to decide how to react in moments of betrayal and rage, do you let your blood boil over or sit and wait for the killing instinct to pass?”

Watch the official music video for “HideousHERE

Pre-Order VEXED’s debut album Culling Culture NOW!

Unrelenting lead vocalist Megan Targett’s vicious vocal assault blending venomously low growls, soaring cleans and razor-sharp rap-like deliveries (see “Fake” and “Weaponise”) is backed by the pure technical proficiency of bandmates Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums), Jay Bacon (guitar) and Al Harper (bass). The warning instrumental “Ignorant” prefaces the record’s menacing atmosphere and provides a flawless basis for smashing wake up call “Hideous” and fiery, threatening tracks “Fake” and “Narcissist”. Ghostly “Aurora” and disrespectfully heavy album-closer “Lazarus” showcase Targett’s multi-faceted clean vocal delivery while clashing otherworldly auras with resonating, melodic rhythms. “Epiphany” blends both, offering a bold message of moving past self-loathing, while superciliously weighty offering “Weaponise” seethes between violent hatred and ambient darkness.

Culling Culture Tracklisting:

01. Ignorant

02. Hideous

03. Fake

04. Epiphany

05. Misery

06. Narcissist

07. Weaponise

08. Purity

09. Drift

10. Aurora

11. Lazarus

Culling Culture will be available in the following formats:

- 1-CD Digipak

- 1-LP Gatefold Vinyl BLACK

- 1-LP Gatefold Vinyl ORANGE TRANSPARENT (strictly limited to 100 copies)

- 1-CD Digipak + T-Shirt Bundle

- Digital Album

New music to be expected this summer!

Their ability to take hard blues rock and twist and distort it into darker, more unique territories is akin to that of Queens of the Stone Age. THE UGLY KINGS’ brand of power blues is captivating.” - Classic Rock Magazine on the first full-length, Darkness Is My Home

Napalm Records is pleased to announce that Australian blues-rocking powerhouse THE UGLY KINGS has inked a worldwide record deal with the premium Austrian rock and metal label!

The uprising foursome offers a strong injection of energy and emotion while interweaving catchy riffs and stomping rhythms with deep reaching, soulful vocals. After releasing a first glimpse with the mini-album Of Sins in 2015, THE UGLY KINGS unveiled their top-notch debut, Darkness Is My Home, three years later. The band's latest offering, the two-track EP Gypsy Queen, is another high energy hard rock outburst, fanning the fires of a bright future!

Achieved in only a short time, THE UGLY KINGSalready boast an impressive number of shows and have shared the stage with high-class bands like Airbourne, Papa Roach, 1000mods and Rival Sons. During this adventurous journey, the Melbourne based unit gathered a huge amount of fans along the way and convinced their well-known colleagues as well: “The Ugly Kings have really got their own thing going on and it rocks! I love all the dynamics, pushing and pulling and then always smashing it out. Great intensity and power," said Joel O’Keeffe (Airbourne frontman and lead guitarist).

THE UGLY KINGS is currently working on their second full-length album – more to be announced soon!

THE UGLY KINGS on the signing: “It is with great honour and excitement that we join the mighty Napalm Records family! On the brink of recording our brand new album, we feel this partnership comes at the perfect time in our career. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Napalm Records and we can't wait to release new music in 2021!”

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Muench states:We are super excited to announce the signing of one of the most talented Blues Rock bands ever! THE UGLY KINGS, hailing from Melbourne, released an amazing album in 2018, Darkness Is My Home, and we anticipate a new hard blues rock masterpiece is just on the horizon! Welcome to the Napalm family!”

Enjoy this energizing blues rock attitude and listen to the soulful tunes of “Promised Land”, taken from the debut album, Darkness Is My Home, here:

Infernal Torment debut album now on blood-red vinyl & CD!

After totally selling out, in just a few weeks, the previously announced three different colours LP reissues (yellow, green and black), "Man's True Nature", Infernal Torment infamous opus, will now get new formats on the official release date: 29th January 2020. An aptly blood-red vinyl LP (300 copies, hand-numbered) and a CD (limited to 500 units) are the new chosen formats to complete the reissue of this dirty motherfucker of a classic death metal album, on it's 25th anniversary!

“Man’s True Nature”, INFERNAL TORMENT’s debut album, was ahead of its time in 1995. Recorded by a band whose members, later on, went to join the ranks of Illdisposed and Dawn Of Demise, it was received with awe and shock by the death metal community. To commemorate its 25th anniversary, it was released in vinyl for the first time via Emanzipation Productions on December 18th 2020, sold exclusively via Now, the blood-red vinyl LP, the CD and the digital versions will get an official worldwide release on January 29th 2021.

“Man’s True Nature” was recorded in the summer of 1995 at the legendary Borsing Studio with producer Jan Borsing (Illdisposed etc.), who captured the perfect brutal death metal sound Infernal Torment was looking for, deeply inspired by US bands like Suffocation. Jakob Batten, guitarist and composer, recalls from the studio session “We wanted to make an album that made Cannibal Corpse look like the Pet Shop Boys. The keyword was BRUTALITY. We used a bass amp for the guitars in an attempt to make it all deeper and oompf. It was a hot summer back in 1995 and we were recording in a dark cellar with no windows, no daylight in sight. In Scott’s words: It’s more brutal to be pale...!”. "Man's True Nature" will be released in vinyl (blood-red LP, limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered), CD (limited to 500 copies) and digital on January 29th 2021. Pre-orders here.

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