WIND ROSE Releases New Official Video “We Were Warriors”

WIND ROSE Releases New Official Video “We Were Warriors” | Watch HERE Acclaimed Album, Wintersaga, out Everywhere | Order HERE

[photo by: Tommaso Barletta]

WIND ROSE reignite the forge with new official video for “We Were Warriors”!

WIND ROSE are back with another visual to their epic, story-filled and critically acclaimed album Wintersaga, releasing the official music video for “We Were Warriors” today via Napalm Records! "We Were Warriors" is a follow-up to their popular first singles, “Diggy Diggy Hole” and "Drunken Dwarves", which together racked up well over 20 million views on YouTube! In "We Were Warriors",  WIND ROSE take the viewer on an adventurous hunt for gold through dark ruins and caves, passing old relics from a morbid past.

Watch the official video for "We Were Warriors" HERE:

WIND ROSE on“We Were Warriors”:

"'We Were Warriors' is a song about the Dwarves fallen in battle and their eternal rest inside the great halls of stone. A strong theme needed strong music, so we came up with one of the most astonishing songs we have ever composed: powerful riffs, massive orchestrations and epic choirs. We could not imagine a better epilogue for our latest album Wintersaga.

Watch the official video for "Diggy Diggy Hole" HERE:

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[Artwork by: Tom Thiel]

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